SK Advanced is a "Net Zero Solution Provider" that values "Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE)" as a core value. We make continuous efforts to protect people, promote human health, and conserve the environment, and we strive for the happiness of members and stakeholders and growth together.
  1. We prioritize the Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) of members, stakeholders, and the local community as the top priority, and we will not perform any work without ensuring SHE management. We also establish and implement a safety culture that adheres to the basics and principles.
  2. We select the minimum standards for legal and domestic/foreign standards, as well as other requirements (stakeholders, local communities), and establish a proactive and preventive SHE management system to build a Global Top Tier level of SHE management system.
  3. We establish SHE management goals that comply with the SHE management policy and establish and execute a SHEC management plan effectively and efficiently to achieve them.
  4. We take the lead in environmental conservation, such as responding to climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing pollutant emissions by saving energy and expanding the use of environmentally friendly energy.
  5. We create a healthy and clean work environment and execute systematic health management for the prevention of occupational diseases and the promotion of the health of all employees.
  6. We perform periodic assessments of the level of SHE and identify harmful risk factors to pursue continuous improvement and establish and operate systematic SHE audit procedures to promote the level of SHE management.
  7. We actively reflect the demands of members, stakeholders, and local communities in our business activities, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility by transparently disclosing necessary information.